Good evening! Today is
Sunday Feb 17, 2019.

Current Events

Current Events



Jan 16 Saber Day
Jan 16 Early Dismissal 12:20pm
Jan 17 School Dance 7-9pm
Feb 1 Regional Shut Down Day  
Feb 11-15 Winter Carnival
Feb 12 Early Dismissal 12:20pm
Feb 14 School Dance 7-9pm
Feb 18 Heritage Day, no school



School Consellor: Sarah Wellwood



There is a school counsellor available to all students at WHMS. School Cousellors help students understand themselves and their relationships within society in which they live. 


The counselling center will provide the following:

1.) A quiet, confidential place to discuss a personal problems with a caring person.

2.) Assistance to the student in understanding their strengths and weaknesses; developing acceptance of themselves and others.

3.) Assistance in developing the skills to solve problems and to make decisions.

4.) Training in proper study habits and time management.

5.) Referrals to community resources.