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News Bulletin

Self-Identification Initiative Starting Feb 2, 2015

AVRSB is asking all parents/ gaurdians, staff and students to help us learn more about the diversity of our students, staff and communities. 

Starting on Feb 2, 2015, a self-identification form will be provided to all students and we encourage all parents/gauridans to provide information about their child's acenstry and/or Aboriginal identity. 

Please note that self-identification is for everyone. 

This information will help us to know who our students and staff are, how demographics are changing, and will help us plan how best to support the successes of all students. Even if you have self-identified in the past, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to provide or update information, or to add more than one acenstry and/or Aboriginal identity.

Thank you in advance for helping us collect this information. For further details, please speak to the school administration or visit www.avrsb.ca.


Mission Statement


The mission of staff, students & families of the West Hants Middle School community is to educate & support all students as they develop into respectful, lifelong learners.  We provide a safe, nuturing environment where academic & personal sucess can be achieved while enthusasim & involvement are celebrated.




At A Glance

May 2015:

May 4&5- Face aux Question

May 11- Grade 6 Orientation 9:30-11:30 am 

May 12- Grade 6 Orientation Evening 6:00-7:30pm

May 14- Dance 7-9 pm Grade 6 Invite


May 22- Early Dismissal 12:20pm

May 22- Track & Field DIstricts

May 23- Track Districts

May 29-30 Track Regionals

June 5- Early Dismissal 12:20pm

June 5-6 Track Provincials



   West Hants Middle School Bulletin for Tuesday, April 28, 2015